2020 MN Cabin Season: Band of Mamas Must Haves

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Minnesota brings glorious seasons. Fall… Summer… and CABIN SEASON! For so many of us, it’s a road trip up north packed full of delicious summer staples, towels and sunscreen galore, and a thousand rounds of “I Spy” in the car. Cabin Season includes a ton of the things we need that just stay up there because we use them all the time. Here are some of my family’s Cabin Must Haves! Many things transferred from my first post, which you can read back on, here! It has a TON of other things we keep at the cabin to make life grand while we enjoy all the amazing family time.

Cabin Season Must Haves

Lake & Water Necessities

Yeti Camino Tote

This bag is the perfect companion for boat rides or beach visits! Waterproof, easy to clean, and will fit everything you need for that special outing.

Round Beach Towel Blanket

We use this blanket for not only the beach but also on the grass. It’s soft, cute, and the perfect size for sitting after a quick dunk in the lake.

Baby Floatie

I bought one of these when Brooks was born and I can’t wait to put Maggie in it. It’s perfect because it folds up nicely and they get their chubby little legs wet all while floating around and you don’t have to carry them. The little sun shade is an added bonus!

Blue Lizard Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be ridden with toxic chemicals. While it’s easy to just grab the spray off the shelf at your local superstore, plan ahead and get yourself sunscreen that’s safe for your whole family. This is a great brand, and Beautycounter has wonderful options as well!

Shower Caddy

Does your family ever boat out to the middle of the lake and take a shower? I am giggling only because I know that sounds funny, but it’s so convenient! We have one shower and a lot of people, so a caddy makes it easy to bring the shower to the lake! We’ve also been known to bathe all the babies in the kiddie pool before we dump it out for the night. This is perfect!

Bonfire Must Haves

Tiki Torches

These lighted tiki torches are just perfect for placing around the campfire chairs, outside the portable screen tent, or placed around the deck. Pair them with some citronella oil and the skeets are sure to stay away.

Pie Irons

One of our favorite things to roast on the campfire is a pizza pie! My sister in law introduced us to them, and it’s one of our Scott family staples. In order to get the perfect crust, you’ll need some of these pizza pie irons. You can do smores in them too!

Bugg Insect Repellant

MN Summers are infested with skeets. Get yourself some bug spray that’s safe for the whole family and especially the kids! This stuff smells great and is safe for all. I also get the Babyganics Insect Repellent wipes for the babies. I prefer to wipe rather than spray, so these ones are perfect and they smell delicious, too.

Folding Lawn Chair with Table

A table is necessary… YES! When we’re all sitting around the bonfire and we’re eating pizza pies and s’mores and enjoying a bevvy, you need space to put all your stuff! Get yourself a chair with a table.

Around the Yard Fun

Yard Games

I not only grew up with a competitive family, but I married into an extremely competitive one. There is no such thing as a weekend at the cabin without a series of different yard games. While beanbags are our first choice, my mom bought each of us a set of Yahtzee yard dice! The kids love to play, too. Aside from that, we’ve also tapped into frisbee golf and Frisknock (where you toss the fris and try to knock the bottle off the pole)

Portable Screen Tent

We actually need to get one of these, so I am glad I added it to this list. Our cabin is a cabin–not big enough for all of us to be in at one time, so we need outside space to sit an eat or sit and relax without getting carried to the lake by the skeets!

Patio Umbrella

Since having babies, I’ve probably spent a total of 2 hours in the direct sun. Although my skin has never looked better, sometimes it’s awkward to find shade near where everyone is sitting. Having one of these umbrellas with a stand is so helpful!

If you’re like me, this quarantine has been great. Slow mornings, tons of family time, and more hugs than I can count! I can’t wait for all of this to spill over to one of my favorite seasons of the year… Cabin Season!



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Lindsay Murray

I am a 30-something Minnesota Mama of three little ones and wife to the extreme outdoorsman. Life is full of blessings and stories, and I want to share them!

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Lindsay Murray

I am a 30-something Minnesota Mama of three little ones and wife to the extreme outdoorsman. Life is full of blessings and stories, and I want to share them!

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