Gift Buying Guide for the 2019 Grads

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Gift Giving this Graduation Season

Graduation season 2019 is about to commence. Students are graduating high school and being sent off to the real world, and hopefully people are helping equip them with the necessary items needed to survive the exhausting yet exciting college life in front of them. Whether it’s your godchild, relative, or a friend’s child, everyone heading out on their own needs survival stuff. If you’re anything like me, money gets old! So, instead of money this year, here are a few ideas for gifts for grads instead of cash.

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Idea List for Grads

Techy Gifts

  1. BOSE Soundlink Micro Speaker: Perfect for bringing to the lawn to study or blaring in your dorm room while you get ready for The perfect gift for the music lover, the Bose Soundlink the night!
  2. Wall Outlet Protector with USB ports: I’m all about keeping my cords in one spot! This Apple Charging Dock would also be a good addition to any dorm room.
  3. HP Touchscreen Chromebook: Buying a computer doesn’t have to break the bank. College kids just need a portable device to type and write papers; a Chromebook is perfect. They don’t need processing systems or Office programs. Just a Google login and you’re good to go 🙌🏻
  4. Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones: All the cool kids are wearing them! And what’s even better, you can link your Apple iWatch, too.
  5. Echo Smart Speaker: Alexa would be such a great replacement for Mom! Need reminders to study for your big final coming up? Or to call Dad on his birthday? She can do it all 😘

For the Tired or Hungry College Kid

  1. YETI Coffee Mug Rambler: You remember those nights when you were up all night writing your senior capstone Perfect mug for the coffee drinker, the YETI rambler!paper about Arthurian Literature when it was due the next day, right? Coffee is life.
  2. Takeya Stainless Steel 32 oz Water Bottle: You know, so you can stay hydrated between drinks cups of coffee!
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser: to pump some good smelling stuff in those stale rooms. Wild Orange and Vetiver from DoTerra are known for helping concentration. 🍊
  4. College Apparel: Is there anything better than living in university attire? I think I lived in a pair of black sweats and a gray sweatshirt for most of the years between 2004 & 2007.Home Depot Banner

Gift Cards

  1. We all know how poor you are in college. You have very little money and eating on campus sometimes just doesn’t cut it. We all have needs. Additionally, gift cards are a the perfect thing to store away for another day!
    1. VISA
    2. Amazon Gift
    3. Target
    4. Subway
    5. Chipotle
    6. Starbucks
    7. Fandango
    8. Walmart (if you go to school in the Dakotas a Target is hard to come by!)
    9. Southwest Airlines
    10. Kindle

In case you missed it and are looking for other small items to get a recent grad, be sure to check out this post from last Christmas; these ideas would be great to throw in a basket of goodies for your college kids! Check out this link and find the heading under Teens 👍🏼



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Lindsay Murray

I am a 30-something Minnesota Mama of three little ones and wife to the extreme outdoorsman. Life is full of blessings and stories, and I want to share them!

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