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November 16, 2018 1 Comment

Where are my hunting and fishing widow-Mamas? You’re out there holding the fort down while your husband is chasing fish and deer around. Similarly, we’re chasing the kids!

I am all for hobbies, doing things you love, and supporting your spouse. But… I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard sometimes. I miss Ross while he’s away. It’s hard doing all of the parenting by myself and keeping the kids occupied while also taking my own break from work. But I do know that recharging the batteries [figuratively and literally–in the boat ;)] is important. I grew up in a family of hunters and fishermen. A vivid memory from my childhood includes my brother Erik and me with our faces painted camouflage while whispering in a duck blind in Osakis, MN.

One weekend this summer though, when Ross left, I don’t think it was on the best of terms. This happens sometimes… anyone else? I was probably feeling resentful because I didn’t want him to go. Sometimes I get jealous of the time away… and not so much that I want time away, but that I wish I was more appreciated during that time. These are all things Ross and I have had to work through with two children and a home and work and family and our relationship. It’s a continued work in progress.

I love my husband, and I fully support his love of fishing. Sometimes though, for me, there are things I just wish I could say out loud but never do. For whatever reason, it is easier for me to write them out instead.

So to all the outdoorsmans’ wives out there… this one’s for you!

“Ode to the Outdoorsman”

Your bags are stuffed. Your truck is packed.

Your rods are lined with lures and perfectly stacked.

You’ve plotted your points and graphed out your spots.

You’ve planned your trip out, your lines without knots.


You’ve polished your rifle and zeroed in your scope.

You’ve put your stands up and have begun to hope.

Will this be the year the 4X4 runs by?

Or will you head out again because your luck ran dry?


Another weekend has arrived, where you will be away.

But the children here will need Mama to stay.

When you say goodbye, say thank you to your wife.

She holds down the fort, so your dreams come to life.


While you’re away, chasing that big one,

She’s at home with your daughter and son.

She’s thinking of you, hoping it’s relaxing.

She’s managing it all, but it’s certainly taxing.


When you say goodbye, hug her with meaning.

Look at her and thank her for this time you are needing.

You might think she should do it, but it’s really not her thing.

Instead when you get back, it’s extra love you must bring.


Call her often and text her to check in.

Remind her you are grateful for the time you’ve been given.

She can do it without complaining, she can do it without tears.

Remind her you appreciate her still, after all these years.


She’s feeding and changing and cleaning and cooking.

She’s counting the minutes ’til you’re back home and looking

To help make up for the time that was lost.

To whisper sweet nothings and show extra love without cost.


Before you go, please remember all of this.

Enjoy your time. Do your thing. But know it’s you we will miss.

We know you’ll be thinking of us as you’re free,

So send us your love until it’s home you will be.



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Lindsay Murray

I am a 30-something Minnesota Mama of three little ones and wife to the extreme outdoorsman. Life is full of blessings and stories, and I want to share them!

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    Lindsay Murray

    I am a 30-something Minnesota Mama of three little ones and wife to the extreme outdoorsman. Life is full of blessings and stories, and I want to share them!

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